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Vacuum Forming

At Thompson Vacform we endeavour to produce the best quality plastic vacuum formed components at prices which are hard to beat. Customer service is the key to all our activities. Our customers appreciate that we always strive to guarantee their complete satisfaction.

Vacuum forming is the process of moulding components from a flat sheet of plastic. Cost effective tooling and a wide range of attractive materials makes vacuum forming the natural choice for a huge range of products and in any quantity from short runs to mass production.

Product examples;

Transport industry - Internal and external panels
Industrial and scientific equipment manufacturers - Machine covers and control panels
Electronic industry - Conductive trays and pallets to specification
Electrical junction boxes (resin fill type)
Point of sale and counter displays
Medical trays and covers
Signs to specification
General industry - Technical components, product handling trays etc.
Any other plastic components which have to be attractive and/or functional.

We are happy to help with with;

Technical advise
Product design
Pattern and tool making
Vacuum forming
Fabrication & assembly

Whether your product requires a simple, functional moulding or a more complex design, we will help you through the process from an initial idea to full production.